A Hydrogen Exploration and Technology Company

Who We Are

Voyager H2 Limited is a hydrogen exploration and technology business formed by a group of globally renowned engineering partners, whose industry-leading IP will change how we think about the oil & gas industry.

Our goal is to utilise our cutting-edge patent-pending hydrogen exploration technology to capitalise on the lucrative hydrogen deposits available across Poland and other European regions along with Africa, South America, North America and Australia.

Our focus is to secure tenements in Poland where there is potentially an estimated one billion tonnes of hydrogen sitting in underground deposits.

We will also license our technology to other exploration businesses across the world and enter into a shared profits scheme.

Technology Highlights

  • The patent-pending Hydro Helium Manifestor System is a unique technology for detecting natural hydrogen and helium deposits.
  • The system of 1,000 ground sensors analyses soil gases in real-time and sends data dozens of times a day to a central computer.
  • The computer uses a proprietary algorithm — analysing data continuously — to identify specific patterns that indicate a high probability of hydrogen deposits.
  • The system takes into account geological data and the permeability of rock layers.
  • Is able to determine whether a given gas migration channel, including hydrogen, is open or closed.
  • The projection will use radioactive tracers occurring naturally in the Earth’s crust.

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