Why Hydrogen

Hydrogen: The Fuel of The Future

As the most common resource on earth (and beyond), hydrogen is the base element for 75% of our universe, meaning it can be found in all living things — water, animals, plants, and humans. Hydrogen is a clean alternative to methane and is in high demand, as it has applications in a variety of global industries and can support renewable energy sources; solar and wind.

As an abundantly available gas with zero emissions, it is the fuel of the future. Today, technological breakthroughs mean it has become the preferred choice for western governments and companies committing to net-zero targets.

Why Hydrogen

There are two main categories of hydrogen, emissions generating hydrogen (carbon-based) or emissions-free.

Emission Generating Hydrogen

Grey and brown hydrogen are known as emissions generating hydrogen.

  • Grey is produced using non-renewable natural gas and releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Brown hydrogen is made by burning coal, which generates high levels of carbon dioxide pollutants.

Zero Emission Hydrogen

Green or blue hydrogen are known as zero-emissions hydrogen due to the way they are produced.

  • Green hydrogen is created through a process called pyrolysis and is emissions-free.
  • Blue hydrogen is made by capturing natural gas from a heating process, which also traps and stores other pollutants, preventingthem from entering our atmosphere.

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